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Portrait by Post!

Here’s little Ralphie with his framed pastel portrait, which he has just received by post. Ralphie was the winner of one of my portraits in a competition run by VetLink. Thanks to Ralphie’s owner for sending us this cute photo of Ralphie with his prize.

Rottweiler Portrait

Pet Portrait Prize Winners

The lovely people at VetLink Online recently ran a competition with the two prizes on offer being pastel portraits, by Lorraine, of the winners’ pets. Here are the two finished portraits, which are on their way to the new owners.

Charcoal Sketch of your Dog

If you want to surprise someone with a unique and thoughtful gift, then a charcoal sketch of their favourite pet can be an affordable but elegant choice. Charcoal portraits are available mounted or framed – all we need is a photograph.

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